TO I-N-N-O-V-A-T-E: to introduce novelties, to boost creative solutions and to apply new methodologies to be more effective. At Grupo Ubesol we identify with this definition because we place innovation and technological development at the centre of our activity.

We take innovation further to create, hand in hand with our specialists, new product concepts from a disruptive and avant-garde approach that results in personalised solutions for each client.

As manufacturers specialising in products for hygiene and personal and home care, top quality and safety are two essential objectives to achieve the maximum satisfaction of our customers and offer consumers the product that effectively covers all their needs.

How do we achieve it? We make it possible through the continuous innovation of our manufacturing processes to provide a service of the highest quality.

We have a highly automated production system that allows us to minimise human error and increase competitiveness and efficiency, reducing time and costs and taking advantage of the expertise of our professionals to guarantee strict compliance with good manufacturing practices.

A good example of this is technological innovation applied to quality controls, for which we incorporate artificial intelligence.

We have an advanced detection system and artificial vision cameras in our textile and hygiene lines to ensure the quality of the finished product. Using artificial vision detectors, we are able to identify any stain or anomaly in our wet wipes fabric and verify that our textile products also respond exactly to the claimed qualities. This gives us great differential value, since it endows us with a higher demand than the average market, which guarantees that each product we ship has the highest quality.

In the last year, we have invested more than three million euros in technological innovation projects. Our commitment is to continue advancing in the development of new products, promoting innovation in order to provide each of our clients with their own tailored plan.