Despite the difficult economic situation caused by the pandemic, Grupo Ubesol managed to increase its sales by 3.5%. However, the company expects the results of 2021 will be severely affected, due to the price pressure in the sector, alongside with the large increase in the costs of raw materials and transport

The good progress of sales has ratified its commitment to the future, which involves improving the quality and sustainability of its current products and the costs of its production processes, as well as continuing the progressive natural transformation at the company and product level. .

Grupo Ubesol, formed by the companies Ubesol S.L. and Laboratorios Maverick SLU, obtained a total consolidated turnover, in 2020, of € 247 million, 3.5% more than the € 238 million in 2019. But this growth was uneven among the companies. Ubesol decreased by 3%, while Laboratorios Maverick grew 9.3%, mainly due to the renewal of most of the product portfolio and the high demand for some categories during the pandemic, such as hand soaps and hydroalcoholic gels. Overall, the group’s net profit fell 13%, reaching over 19 million euros.

As many other companies in the sector, in 2020, Grupo Ubesol had to “reset” itself to adapt its plants to the manufacture of hygienic products such as hydroalcoholic gels, hand soaps or sanitising wipes. As a consequence, the company increased spending on preventive measures in order to guarantee the protection of its employees and increased its workforce by 20%, maintaining supply to its clients at all times.

In this way, it achieved that, in the most critical moments of the pandemic, its products were served without problems, and therefore, in April 2020, it granted an extra pay to all its workers to recognise the great effort, commitment and risk assumed during the health crisis. In addition, the company donated more than 80,000 products to field hospitals, NGOs, health care centers, firefighters and state security forces.

Investments in 2020, which amounted to € 12 million, were used to digitize processes and improve facilities to be more competitive and productive, combining the highest quality and sustainability in all its products and services.

Of the total sales, 6% corresponded to exports, complying with one of the pillars set out in the 2020-2025 Strategic Plan, which is the beginning of sales in foreign markets. On the other hand, it made important price adjustments with the aim to increase its competitiveness in the domestic market.

In 2020, the group achieved the certifications FSC®, Forest Stewardship Council®, (responsible forest management), RSPO ™, Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil ™, (palm oil supply chain), ISO 50001 (management system energy) and prepared its blowing plant to produce 100% recycled plastic packaging, in line with its commitment to sustainability.

Grupo Ubesol estimates an approximate growth between 2% and 5%, placing its turnover around 252 and 259 million consolidated euros in 2021. The company foresees that, in order to maintain the same level of sales, it will have to make a great effort on prices, due to the war unleashed in the sector and the rise of raw materials prices. This scenario will significantly affect the results of 2021, with decreases of between 40% and 50% of the benefits.

The company plans to make an investment of more than € 35 million in order to gain flexibility, be more competitive in all its plants, continue to improve its products, consolidate the national market and continue to sustainably grow in international markets.

On the other hand, the shareholders of the company reached an agreement which guarantees the shareholding stability of the group. It is based on the modernisation of the governance structures, with the creation of a Board of Directors in the coming months.