Grupo Ubesol CEO, Jorge Úbeda, highlighted the 35 million euros the company invested in 2021 represent the third largest investment in the non-food sector in Spain.

Grupo Ubesol held this Friday, December 17, the III Annual Informative Assembly, which, due to the COVID-19 health crisis, was broadcasted via streaming from its headquarters in Atzeneta d’Albaida (Valencia).

The other members of the Board of Directors , José Manuel Soler, Deputy CEO, Carlos Aparici, COO, and Mauro Cardona, CIO, also attended the assembly.

Jorge Úbeda reviewed the milestones achieved in 2021, based on the Total Quality Model, focused on the “Boss” (as the customer is internally known), the Worker, the Supplier, Society and Capital.

Always ensuring that the bosses’ needs are met, in 2021 the company continued to offer the highest quality at the best price in all its products for personal and household care and hygiene. “It is very important to maintain this obsession to always offer quality quality quality and that we are very competitive in prices,” said the CEO.

The international expansion of Grupo Ubesol, stated Jorge Úbeda, requires professionals who adapt easily to changes, a skill very demanded by the current market.

In a very complex global context due to the increase in the price of raw materials and energy, it is essential to create synergies with the best suppliers, those who share the group’s vision of ensuring the highest quality and with whom there is a relationship of trust that guarantees the supply at all times.

In its second year of internationalisation, Grupo Ubesol is present in more than ten countries, where it has gained the trust of new customers. The experience of entering new markets helps the group to become more and more specialist in its product categories and consolidate itself as a benchmark in the personal and home care sector.

In social matters, Jorge Úbeda highlighted that sustainability is part of the company’s DNA as a transversal value throughout its entire structure, which goes beyond the development of natural products. Regarding this matter, he highlighted the progress made in the field. In 2021, Grupo Ubesol reduced emissions per manufactured unit by 6.7% compared to 2020 and decreased the generation of non-hazardous waste by 11%, thanks to the implementation of artificial vision technologies and improvements in processes. Such is its commitment to fight the climate emergency and inequality that Grupo Ubesol contributes, with specifics actions, to 16 of the 17 United Nations SDGs.

The commitment to innovation and the most cutting-edge technology are a constant in the company that, in the last year, has made the largest investment in its history, estimated at 35 million euros. The funds have been used to increase the competitiveness of the group and promote digitalisation, by expanding and improving its facilities to provide the three plants with the most advanced machinery, which includes new high-speed lines and the automation and robotization of processes. Grupo Ubesol is the third Spanish company in the non-food sector that has invested the most in 2021, according to the ranking prepared by Alimarket magazine.

“This 2021 we are the third company that invests the most in our sector, we are investing much more than our competitors, in a very strong commitment to the future that will continue in 2022, just as we have done in the last 10 years,” said Jorge Úbeda.

The CEO also informed the employees about the roadmap that the company will follow in 2022, when it will be focus on the consolidation of its current businesses and the expansion on international markets.