Atzeneta UE story is one of overcoming. The football team sponsored by Grupo Ubesol made history yesterday by beating Real Zaragoza 2-1 and eliminating it from the Copa del Rey tournament.

The club from Atzeneta d’Albaida, the small town in Valencia with just over 1,000 inhabitants where Ubesol was founded, once again demonstrated that, with effort, perseverance and great teamwork, no goal is impossible to achieve.

The team that we sponsor lived an unforgettable night, in which they managed to beat Real Zaragoza, from the Second Division, thanks to the commitment and daily work of their entire squad and the drive of their supporters that are always by the team’s side.

The trajectory of Atzeneta UE is linked to Grupo Ubesol, which, since the beginning, has collaborated with the team, although it was in the 2016-2017 season when a sponsorship relationship was formalised that made the club take off. The involvement of the company and the motivation to achieve great challenges made it possible for the team to increase its professionalism and reap success after success. In the 2019-2020 season, led by coach David Albelda, they were promoted to Second Division B, the third category in Spain.

Nowadays, the team is in Third RFEF, three categories below Real Zaragoza, which they managed to surpass last Tuesday, with goals from Brandon and Mario Uclés.

Atzeneta UE now moves on to the second round of the tournament and will once again play a historic match against a LaLiga team, quite a feat for a small town with great hopes.

At Grupo Ubesol, we continue to give our support to projects such as the Atzeneta UE, which are committed to effort and continuous improvement to achieve great results based on cooperation and teamwork.

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