With the motto “Towards sustainable digitalisation”, Grupo Ubesol hosted a week of events to create synergies with its partners for digital transformation, SAP, Sothis and Nunsys, and to promote the technological skills of its employees

Grupo Ubesol, formed by Ubesol and Laboratorios Maverick, celebrated the 1st Digital Transformation Week, designed to promote the company’s digital transformation, one of the pillars of its 2020-2025 Strategic Plan.

From October 19th to 26th, the company organized live talks on its Linkedin page, which brought together dozens of users to listen to specialists in SAP and immersive technologies, and highlighted the work of its Systems department, which has experts in the areas of Facilities, Security, Standardisation, Real Time and User Service.

On October 20, Thorsten Wenzel, Vice President and Global Director of Chemistry at SAP, and Pascual Agustín, SAP S/4HANA consultant in Sothis, joined Mauro Cardona, CIO of Grupo Ubesol, on a Linkedin live chat to talk about how was the implementation of SAP in the company and what are the future challenges of this management system.

On October 26, Nunsys consultants, Christian Méndez, specialist in Industrial Consulting, and Raúl Martínez, expert in VR and AR, share a Linkedin live chat with Mauro Cardona to talk about the opportunities that immersive technologies can bring to companies in the field of the innovation.

With the aim of involving the entire workforce, Grupo Ubesol launched a digital challenge on the company’s app, which is based on gamification in order to train the digital skills of its employees.

Led by the Systems department, the digitalisation of processes and automation of equipment is a key pillar at Grupo Ubesol.