The CEO of Grupo Ubesol, Jorge Úbeda, highlighted that despite this difficult year, the company’s ability to adapt to the new reality and the great effort of all employees brought positive results

“Together, connected” was the motto of the assembly, which Grupo Ubesol held on Friday 18 December in its headquarters of Valencia. The assembly was broadcasted by streaming due to the pandemic.

Internal communication is at the core of Grupo Ubesol’s business culture, especially at such difficult time, therefore, the assembly was conceived, for the second consecutive year, with the aim of informing the staff of Ubesol and Laboratorios Maverick about everything that happened in 2020 and the roadmap for the new year.

The CEO of Grupo Ubesol, Jorge Úbeda, reviewed the milestones achieved in 2020, a year that has undoubtedly been marked by COVID-19, in which the company has had to adapt its working procedures and, in record time, increase production to meet the new needs of consumers.

Jorge Úbeda revealed that in 2021 the group will continue with the 2020-2025 Strategic Plan, which is based on key pillars such as internationalization, talent retention and recruitment, natural transformation, and digital transformation.


Adaptation to change is key

Quoting Darwin, who said that neither the strongest nor the most intelligent survive, but the one that best adapts to change, Jorge Úbeda highlighted how Grupo Ubesol is considering a challenging 2021 with great plans for the internationalization of the company and with the firm intention of continuing to provide the highest quality in each reference.

In relation to the recruitment of talent, the company has increased its workforce, which already exceeds 900 workers at its three plants in Valencia, Ulldecona, and Madrid.

“We feel proud to say that we are recruiting at such a delicate time for many companies. We are happy to be able to share our achievements with society”, said Jorge Úbeda.

Grupo Ubesol’s commitment to caring for the planet is a commitment to natural transformation, which, as the CEO stressed, “consists of manufacturing sustainable products and also expanding the culture of sustainability that the company already has in its DNA”.

The group’s progress also goes through the digital transformation, consolidating its management systems such as SAP and moving towards industry 4.0 to continue being more competitive.

Group executives, Toni Guerola, Managing Director of Ubesol, Pedro Pérez, Managing Director of Laboratorios Maverick, and María Luisa Soler, Managing Director of Administration, Finance, and Legal, also thanked the entire workforce for their involvement and effort.

Grupo Ubesol, which this year has celebrated its 40th anniversary, faces 2021 with the purpose of continuing to innovate its portfolio of products and services to always offer the highest quality, without losing sight of its solid commitment to sustainability and its commitment to digital transformation.