Grupo Ubesol, formed by the companies Ubesol S.L. and Laboratorios Maverick S.L.U, obtained, in 2021, a total consolidated turnover of 253 million euros, 3% more than the 247 million in 2020.

The evolution of sales was very uneven among the companies. While Ubesol obtained a turnover of 129 million, 9% more than in 2020, Laboratorios Maverick registered 132 million, a drop of 4% compared to the previous year, due in part to the decrease in the sale of hydroalcoholic gel, which stood out in 2020.

In 2021, the Group continued to lower prices in order to maintain competitiveness and, in the second half, saw an increase in raw material costs. All this caused that, despite the increase in sales, the results were significantly reduced to 13 million euros of net profit.

Following the 2020-2025 Strategic Plan, the Group has completely changed the management committee and has a new management team, with the aim of consolidating the national market and relaunching activity in foreign markets.

This exit to international markets meant for the company to discover diverse markets and clients, which increase its high specialisation in certain categories, such as bath gels. This positions it at the forefront of new lines of research, trends and consumption habits.

That is why Grupo Ubesol is trying to reduce the number of businesses in which it is present with the aim of focusing on those in which it has strong competitive advantages and to be able to improve quality and innovation day by day.

The Group continues to place sustainabilityat the centre of its business strategy. It has achieved  the ISO 50001 certification, which endorse its energy efficiency management, the EcoVadis Gold Medal, which recognises it as a sustainable supplier, and Zero Waste, which certifies the reduction of waste and its reintroduction into the production cycle.

Regarding digital transformation, the Valencian company has made notable progress such as the launch of the Real Time area, dedicated to monitoring production in real time, the automation of a large part of its processes and the use of AI to gain efficiency in manufacturing, as well as flexibility in production processes.

Grupo Ubesol CEO, Jorge Úbeda, highlighted the complexity in the supply chain and the increase in costs that began to be glimpsed during the second half of 2021. “For this reason, we decided to focus our efforts on what we are good at, to reduce complexity in internal processes, be more competitive and improve quality. The maximum efficiency in all processes, together with quality and innovation, are the great assets that can help us emerge stronger from this difficult situation, both nationally and internationally”, he pointed out.