At the end of December, we held our V Annual Meeting, which brought together the more than 1,000 people who are part of Grupo Ubesol, to look back and review the great milestones achieved in 2023 and detail the growth forecasts for 2024.

The CEO of Grupo Ubesol, Jorge Úbeda, highlighted the importance of continuing to put the client at the centre of all decisions, since it is the best way to create products of the highest quality, the guarantee that Grupo Ubesol offers every day in its products and productive processes.

José Manuel Soler, Deputy CEO and People General Director, also participated in this V Annual Meeting, which was held at the three Grupo Ubesol headquarters located in Valencia, Madrid and Tarragona, who highlighted the importance of continuing to improve processes, so that the company runs with the precision of a Swiss watch.

To this end, Grupo Ubesol has not hesitated to be one of the first companies to incorporate Artificial Intelligence in some areas, with the intention of taking advantage of the benefits it offers and turning it into a valuable resource for all departments.

In the last year, the group has taken great steps in its international expansion, one of its strategic pillars, with the incorporation of new clients to its portfolio. In 2022, we will exceed 70 million units sold internationally, mainly of Personal Care products such as shower gels, deodorants, shampoos, and wet wipes.

Our main way of growing internationally has been via Contract Manufacturing or TPM for the main multinationals in the sector worldwide and, to a lesser extent, via Private Label for some of the main retailers in Europe. In this way, the products manufactured by Grupo Ubesol begin to be sold throughout Europe and in new markets such as the USA, the Middle East, the Maghreb and South America.

The V Annual Meeting culminated with the traditional Christmas lunch, in which we were able to share anecdotes and good moments with colleagues, after a year of intense work, full of valuable learning.

We are ready to face an exciting 2024, in which we will continue to focus on excellence in all our products and services.